Fire Chief (601) - Brad Munro
Deputy Fire Chief (602) - Eddie Moxsom
Captain (604) - Kenny Moxsom
Captain (605) - Rod MacLeodn

Firefighter (Interior) - Kevin MacLellan
Firefighter (Interior) - Charlie Dingle 
Firefighter (Interior) - Tony Naugler
Firefighter (Interior) - Dave Barkhouse

Firefighter (Interior) - Brad Marcus

Firefighter (Interior) - Josh Wagner

Firefighter - Kyle MacLellan

Firefighter - Andy Moxsom
Firefighter - Dallas Urquhart

Firefighter - Herb Romkey

Firefighter - Ralph Wardrope

Firefighter - Nicky Moxsom

Firefighter - Chaise Brown

* To qualify as an Interior firefighter, in addition to being level 1 trained, the member must pass an annual physical test, and participate in live fire training provided by the Nova Scotia Firefighters school a minimum of every 24 months. Captains and Lieutenants must also meet this standard.